Zone Two

Apr 06: The final single from the Oid album is Zone Two. Out now on a value busting single 12". Mixes from Canadians Benz & MD and Jerome Release, as well as Russians Koala and R-Tem. Watch out for extra download mixes as well follows:


A1) Zone Two (Koala Mix)
A2) Zone Two (Jerome Robbins & Emjae Mix)
B1) Zone Two (Benz & MD Mix)
B2) Zone Two (R-Tem Mostek Mix)


Exclusive Downloads
1) Zone Two (Terje Bakke Mix)
2) Zone Two (Hydroid Mix)
3) Zone Two (Siberian Son Mix)

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In Deep Space ...

March 05: Abandoned... John Grahams delivers the debut Space Manoeuvres album "Oid". 6 years in the making, it is finally here. The album opens up with the classic mix of progressive trance uber-track Stage One. The album includes 2004 smash Part Three as well as several other new tracks which layer the John Graham / Quivver sound with the outer space vibe you have come to expect from the Space Manoeuvres project.


Space Manoeuvres: Oid

Quadrant Four

Jan 05: The new Space Manoeuvres single Quadrant 4 is due to hit stores on the 17th January 2005. As well as John Grahams orginal instrumental version, Sonorous adds a trancier flavor to the mix while Bedrock star and up and coming greek wonder kid Dousk adds a swinging melodic epic on disk 2. Matt Samuels rounds off the package with a dirty-clanky rework. Tracklisting is as follows:


Disc 1:
A) Quadrant 4 (Original Instrumental Mix)
B) Quadrant 4 (Sonorous Mix)


Disc 2:
A) Quadrant 4 (Dousk Mix)
B) Quadrant 4 (Matt Samuels Jackin Mix)